I Stand with Planned Parenthood

which is exactly why I don’t want them to be dependent on tax-payer funding. Luckily, they aren’t. Planned Parenthood is a private organization that helps provide safe alternatives to pregnancy, education about contraceptives, and testing and medications to improve sexual health. Should they receive taxpayer funding? Absolutely not, but that has nothing to do with whether it’s a “controversial” issue or not; I simply don’t support taxpayer money being used to fund…anything.

Issues like federally-funded abortion seem to be designed to detract attention away from where more and more of our money goes: killing actual people in foreign wars and the indirect murder of the poorest in all countries through destructive economic programs like foreign aid, welfare, barriers to trade, labor laws, and other forms of corporate privilege.

Even if a ball of cells is considered a person by some, prohibiting abortion or limiting access to information about abortion and contraceptives does not get rid of it. Sorry folks, but it just doesn’t work that way (see: drug prohibition). Those who claim to be pro-life and try to keep women from having legal abortions are likely to have the blood of both that unborn child and its would-have-been mother on their hands. How can that kind of position possibly be called pro-life?

You don’t have to respect anyone’s position on anything but have enough respect not to try to impose your will on them.


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